Mission Collective

Uniquely Creating, Collectively Benefitting

Mission Collective exists to see all people unite in the kingdom...live in community...equally contribute...uniquely create.



Cultivating a community that collaboratively learns, builds, and innovates as they steward their unique gifts from Jesus to the benefit of all living things.

Welcome to our Table

(and feel free to bring your favorite recipe…)

Explore with us the journey of integrating our love for Jesus, stewarding well the gifts we have been giving, and seeing our communities and cultures flourish.


We invite you

To Produce Content

Inside Mission Collective we want to create a safe space for you to bring the latent gifts inside you and your community to fruition. Try it. Always wanted to write that advice column…try it here. Have a secret instagram account with your artistic photos…show them here. Our community is here to help you thrive, but the first step is yours.

To Enjoy Content

Finding good content is hard, that’s why we try to curate Mission Collective to be a place for the open sharing of interesting and helpful thoughts to help facilitate your growth, my growth, everyones growth. So join with us to find more of the content you love and how like minded people are putting that content into practice.

To Collaborate…

At Mission Collective the online network is only the first step. If you are interested in taking your passion, your community, your job, your side hustle to the next level then we want to help. Mission Collective also houses other services to help individual leaders see their vision come to life. Click here to contact us.

and we invite you to do it all sustainably…


Collective Means All of us

Sustainable Individuals - Mission Collective gives you 20% of membership fees of anyone you invite into the network*, and 98% of paid fees for classes and private groups you create*.

Sustainable Communities - Mission Collective gives 10% of all membership fees to charity.

*We have details around this you should read, but take up too much space here.